Sunday, May 18, 2014

Similarities among Malaysians. Is there any?

Do not ask why but once, I searched on Google for similarities of races in Malaysia. Be it the customs, the practices or taboos, I kept on searching. But what did I found out? There were no similarities found but there were only differences. There are more differences among us all rather than similarities. So, is this one of the factor that makes us all Malaysians to not become one? Well, I don’t think so. Instead, the differences make this country colourful as long as everyone shows respect to one another. We don’t really have to know each other to respect but naturally by knowing others, we respect them for whom and what they are. (okay, I hope you understand this.). Other than three major races in here in Malaysia, Malay, Chinese and Indians, there are also people who are not from the three but they fall into the groups that we call ethnics. In a general official form, when they fill for the ‘Bangsa’ space, they tick on ‘lain-lain’ box. Technically, they are Malaysians too. And this adds up to more differences between us. (Oh, my.!). So, what are our similarities other than we are all Malaysians speaking the same language? We’re stepping on the same land? Sure, we are.

Hidup kena ada matlamat ^^ 

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